The Crafted Prints Team

Welcome to The Crafted Prints!

The Crafted Prints is currently a two-person team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Joshua is the Business Manager (a.k.a. logistical mastermind) responsible for maintaining all of the business' back-end duties and Vanessa is the Creative Director and illustrator, managing social media, the website and wholesale accounts.

What's the name all about?

I (Vanessa) once dabbled in handmade jewelry and I listed my work under the name The Crafted Jewelry. The intention behind the name was that, just like God handcrafts each of us intentionally and with great care, I too wanted to create each piece with that same care and intention

A few years later we had our son, and with his little fingers getting into everything, jewelry-making became nearly impossible -- and so there went my hobby and the name.

Fast-forward to late 2019 and Joshua had the craziest idea to start up a wall decor company, and naturally we landed on the name, The Crafted Prints. We wanted to stick with "The Crafted" because we have that same desire for this company as I did with The Crafted Jewelry -- to handcraft each product with as much intention and care as possible,

So, what makes The Crafted Prints different? 

Our goal is to provide you with a curated collection of premium paper goods at an affordable price. Our hope is to create a diverse line of products that will serve a purpose in your life, and bring value to your every day -- whether it be an art print on your wall that brings a bit of extra joy to your space, or a planner that helps you organize your life. 

We are committed to expanding our line every month. On the 1st and 15th of each month you can come back and find new products that weren't available before. We want to keep our line evergreen for you and your ever-changing decorating/gifting needs. 

We are committed to remaining responsible and sustainable. All of our products are made in-house, and made to order. We have not and will not: (1) make products in bulk (2) outsource any of our production or (3) purchase products pre-made. By doing everything on-demand, it helps us to reduce and even eliminate waste altogether -- so our supplies are only used when we receive orders. That means we have the privilege of knowing who we're making each item for, and where it will be going -- we think that's pretty special. Finally, all materials are purchased from U.S. and Canadian suppliers and we use recycled products wherever humanly possible.

We want to make an impact beyond our product lines. We are proud to donate 10% of every sale to help in the fight against human trafficking. In addition, we have a relationship with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) and we have products created specifically for them (which 40% of the sales of those products are donated directly to their organization). We are passionate about ending human trafficking because we believe every person is made with purpose and immeasurable value and therefore ought to be treated as such. We want to help shed light into the darkest places, and bring hope and healing to hurting people.

We also have some pretty big hopes for The Crafted Prints. Our dream is to grow our company so we can have the opportunity to hire promising individuals, including single mothers, at-risk teens, and non-violent offenders. We want to bless others with this business, so we're working hard to make steps in that direction -- and your support is getting us there! 

We hope you'll continue on this journey with us...

We're so thankful for all of the love, support and encouragement we've received since we began this journey in late December 2019. We're overwhelmed by your kindness and we're excited to continue this journey with you!

Vanessa + Joshua
The Crafted Prints Team