about us

At The Crafted Prints we've experienced the positive impact art can have on a life and in a home. So, we're on a mission to bring that goodness to your living spaces, and to spotlight and celebrate the artists who make it all possible.

When you join this community:

  • you fuel the careers of a growing family of artists, enabling them to continue and develop their craft;
  • you support a small business that prides itself on being ethical, sustainable, and responsible; and
  • you get to craft spaces you love, with art you love.

We are proud to run a low-waste, 100% ethical and sustainable operation from our small California studio. You can feel proud to shop here -- we've always got you and your walls covered. ;)

who we are

The family behind The Crafted

we are family-owned.

After living with family for a few years, we finally were able to move into our own space. We were excited to finally have a space to make our own, but we quickly learned how expensive that actually could be. The idea of decorating our space became mostly unattainable, and our walls remained empty for over a year.

Once he finally got tired of staring at blank walls, Josh suggested we create our own art. A few months and prayers later we began selling our artwork at artisan fairs. We were overwhelmed with the interest we received, including interest from other artists/photographers who wanted to share this space and sell their art alongside ours, too. 

And so, The Crafted Prints was born! It was something totally unexpected -- something that truly found its way to us, and we're so grateful for it. 

we offer curated art. 

Unlike other art marketplaces, only approved and/or invited artists are able to offer their work through our site. We do this to ensure that the art you find here is of the highest quality, and to reduce the burden of sifting through endless pages of art to find desirable pieces. We want to provide you with a good problem -- loving so many of our available options that it's hard to choose (: 

we do all the things ethically and sustainably.

We have not and will not ever: (1) purchase art prints pre-made or (2) purchase materials from manufacturers who engage in human trafficking/unethical operations. We will never forfeit our values for profit. 

We produce all of our art in our California studio on-demand which helps us eliminate waste altogether. This also gives us the privilege of knowing who we're making each item for and we think that's pretty special. Finally, all materials are purchased from North American suppliers only and we use recycled materials wherever humanly possible.

we make an impact beyond our shop.

We proudly donate a percentage to help fight human trafficking -- we have a direct relationship with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). We are passionate about ending human trafficking because every person is made with purpose and immeasurable value, and we believe they ought to be treated that way.

We provide our artists with the highest royalties (commissions) in the industry, because we want to honor their work and support their dreams. TCP would not be what it is without every artist we have the honor of supporting.

thank you!

We're thankful for all of the love, support, and encouragement we've received since we began this journey. We're overwhelmed by your kindness and we're excited to continue this journey with you!

With Thanks,
Joshua + Vanessa